Our expertise

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Sales and Transactions Litigation

  • Pre-contractual information
  • Litigation relating to negotiations, offers and pre-contracts (preference agreements, unilateral promises to buy or sell, bilateral undertakings to sell, sale agreements, transfers of shares in non-trading civil real estate investment companies)
  • Litigation relating to sale proceedings (contractual delays, conditions precedent, financing)
  • Seller’s warranties
  • Notarial law and litigation relating to notarial liability 
  • Hoguet Law and litigation relating to real estate agent liability

Construction and Insurance Litigation

  • Preventive summary proceedings (« référé préventif »)
  • Amicable or court-ordered expert assessments
  • Execution of private works contracts (termination, claims, additional works, sub-contracting, etc.)
  • Builder’s liability 
  • 10-year Insurance, professional liability insurance, contractor’s/builder’s liability insurance
  • Real estate development litigation
  • Property damage and insurance litigation ;

Commercial Leasing Litigation

  • Rent collection and enforcement of termination clauses
  • Lease renewals
  • Lessor/lessee litigation on works to be completed

Property, Planning and Co-ownership Law Litigation

  • Legal and contractual easements
  • Urban Planning law (construction permits, subdivision, etc.)
  • Abnormal neighbourhood disturbance
  • Disputes between co-owners, liability of property manager
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