Our expertise

Corporate Litigation 

Litigation between partners/shareholders

  • Oppression remedy (majority, minority or equal)
  • Disputes relating to performance of partners’/shareholders’ agreements
  • Disputes concerning decisions taken by general meetings
  • Right of notice to partners/shareholders
  • Reimbursement of shareholders’ current account
  • Court-ordered dissolution for disagreement
  • Redemption of shares
  • Proceedings for the appointment of an ad hoc representative /court-appointed receiver/liquidator

Governance and Directors’ Liability

  • Removal of directors
  • Directors’ liability for mismanagement
  • Legal risks of de facto director(“dirigeant de fait”)
  • Corporate governance

M&A Litigation

  • Termination of negotiations and pre-contracts pre-purchases/mergers
  • Post-M&A Litigation :
    • Claims for breaches of seller’s representations and warranties
    • Litigation regarding earn-out payments
    • Purchasing options
    • Accompanying contracts by purchaser
  • Litigation relating to purchasing and merger operations of listed companies
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