Our expertise

Civil and commercial litigation

Civil and Commercial Contracts

  • Termination of pre-contractual negotiations
  • Contractual liability /Sanctions for contractual breaches
  • Contractual liability /Sanctions for contractual breaches;
  • Annulment actions /Sanctions for lack of consent
  • Annulment actions /Sanctions for lack of consent

 Expertise and Precautionary Measures

  • Research and preservation of evidence: private investigations, seizures of documents authorised by judge (article 145 of French Civil Procedure Code), summons and court injunctions to provide documents
  • Implementation and coordination of document review process in connection with large-scale seizure of documents 
  • Amicable or court-ordered technical expert assessments

 Transnational Litigation

  • Specific expertise in private international law (conflicts of law and jurisdiction)
  • Enforcement in France of arbitral awards and foreign court decisions (exequatur and enforcement measures)
  • Coordination and supervision of all judicial and enforcement procedures abroad, in collaboration with local partner law firms, in particular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Asia and on the African continent

 Enforcement Procedures and Debt Recovery

  • Precautionary measures (attachment orders on bank accounts, provisional court-ordered mortgage, etc.)
  • Compulsory enforcement measures (seizures)
  • Orders for payment
  • Legal actions against insolvent debtors (notably, receivership summons)
  • Disputes before Enforcement Judge 

Competition / Distribution / Consumer Affairs

  • Unfair competition /Parasitism
  • Breach of non-competition clause
  • Unfair terms 
  • Restrictive commercial practices 
  • Misleading commercial practices 
  • Comparative advertising
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